Saturday, February 4, 2017

Weekly Round-Up Jan. 28- Feb. 3

This week I continued to work on the surprise commission that I referenced last week, so more anticipation without documentation. I also started a new night painting of the same lamp and corner of my living room that I'm also painting by day. I'm painting over a night kitchen painting that turned out TOO brown and it seemed very boring. If I were braver, I might have just sliced the middle third out of the kitchen painting and left it, but instead I'm just painting over it.

by night
by day

My favorite part in the night kitchen painting, that now doesn't exist, was the reflection in the microwave. I am going to try to think about keeping some elements from the original painting in the new one, but I haven't quite figured it out. I also think it will happen organically. 

On a final side note, I stumbled across this image on Michele De Campo's Blog and it seemed powerful and relevant. The act of staring into the world and finding meaning seems palpable in these two images side-by-side. It is difficult to articulate the connection felt to other painters and their records of looking...but it is real. 
Left: Andrew Wyeth, ‘Spring Fed’, 1967. - Right: the original place at the Kuerners farm

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