Monday, July 25, 2011

Reflections on the ONGOING Reflective Driveway

Here is a limited journey into the last year of this paintings life. I am terrible at keeping track of time, but the first pictures are dated from July 7th, 2010 (and my hair is much longer now). I have declared it finished many times. I have threaten to cut it up into 1 small painting or burn it just as many times (in front of the painting no less). Now that I have declared it finished, once again, I will post this post! Who knows what the future holds for this canvas but for now lets take a look at the past.

sanding everything down!



This is the "final" product. I could say more, however I fear that my post would turn defensive or apologetic so in the end I will leave it alone (something I am not good at). Or, now that I am looking at the final photograph I think my brother's face on the left looks a little smushed so I may be headed to the studio right now to try to unsmush it. Happy Painting Everyone!

Final update, post-unmushing. 

Introducing the NEW TINY-SMALLS!

As promised, a while ago, you can now see the latest Tiny-Smalls that everyone is waiting for. Just as a reminder...all of these paintings are oil on panel and measure 2"x 3.25" or 3.25"x 2".