Wednesday, August 29, 2012

end of summer, fall starts

Technically we still have until September 22 until the first day of fall, and despite the 80 degree temperatures and tropical rains, in my life, fall has arrived. School is back in session, and I am excited to start teaching again. I introduced a painting class this afternoon and will meet with a bunch of new freshman for drawing 1 tomorrow morning!

I NEED to paint through this semester in a serious way if I am going to meet upcoming deadlines. With this in mind I have enlisted Marc to keep me in check, "tell me to paint everyday" and to be relentless about my evasiveness. Last night was a lost cause. However, Monday night and tonight I got it in gear. Below are the contents of all things brewing in my studio currently (with the corresponding timeline shots).

On a side note, I have been listening to Fiona Apple's latest album, The Idler Wheel, obsessively. So the work below was almost exclusively made under this album's spell. Before the artwork, here is my favorite song...right now.

Now for the artwork:
a new 20" x 24", oil on canvas

a new 36" x 24", oil on canvas

a new little dog, 16" x 12", oil on canvas

Finally, several drawings based on poems by Liz Robbins. 
Please excuse the quality of all the images, they are iphone shots taken after dark. Specifically, I made the drawings black and white to eliminate the color distortion present in the original photos. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

website rebuild

Check out the newest version of my website! This update is brought to you by a power crash and resulting memory loss on my computer earlier this year. I frequently fail to learn my lesson with file management and memory back-up, but on the bright side I do have an updated website.

Click the screen shot below to visit the site or click HERE.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I am steadily working on a Collaboration with Liz Robbins. Although I can't post the exact poems each of these pieces were inspired by, you can read some of Liz's work by visiting her blog here. Last week we meet up and she shared new poems based on the paintings I have created this summer, they are AMAZING. All of this work will be on display this fall at CEAM on Flagler's campus. Here are the paintings I have created so far...

each painting is oil on panel (thanks again Reeves!)

amy needs to unclench, oil on panel, 7" x 5"

barely rooted, oil on panel, 7" x 5"

deciding to depart, oil on panel, 7" x 5"

drive her to the shore, oil on panel, 5" x 7"

growing a third eye, oil on panel, 7" x 5"

no forsaking, oil on panel, 7" x 5"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

200+ Tiny-Smalls

I would like to introduce the latest batch of TINY-SMALLS. I have officially reached and passed the 200 number, excluding commissions. It is pretty exciting and a little overwhelming to photograph, keep up with, and create them. Simply labeling each with its number has really helped my organization. Again, a Tiny-Small equals a 3.25" x 2" or 2" x 3.25", oil on panel. They also now feature drilled holes, for hanging, courtesy of my father-in-law Reeves! Reeves is a whiz with all things including my mundane painting questions and requests.

TS 181
TS 182
TS 183
TS 184 
TS 185 
TS 186
TS 187
TS 188
TS 189 
TS 190 
TS 191
TS 192
TS 193
TS 194 
TS 195
TS 196 
TS 197
TS 198
TS 199
TS 200 (painted while watching Breaking Bad)
TS 201
TS 202
TS 203
TS 204

Also I have final images for several of the other paintings previously posted. I am still unsure about titles, but that is always the case. Trying to pin down the subject matter in a concise way is very difficult for me. Often I think this is because I am trying to create a mood or potential narrative for the viewer and do not want the title to get in the way through over specificity...but how many backyard titles can one person have before they become derivative? I think I am definitely on that border.

Wooden Bridge with Six Dogs, 30" x 40", oil on canvas

Line Judges, 24" x20", oil on canvas 
Field Notes, 30" x 22", oil on paper

The Creek, 20" x 24", oil on canvas