Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Update

backyard conversation in process

birthday cake in process
The newest batch of Tiny-Smalls

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

beginning a vertical group painting

Okay, I am trying to post in time to take a shower and have lunch with Marc before I head to school for the afternoon/evening. I teach Figure Painting once a week, it's a thrill and really informative for my own practice. My opening at Wynn Bone Gallery this weekend was fantastic and I plan to post photos of the space with my paintings in the next couple of days.

Today I did a lot of studio house keeping, a little work on the newer "group paintings," and I started a third painting that is VERTICAL in format. I can't remember the last time I tackled that format in a non-tiny-small. It is completely ridiculous how unconscious habits can become "laws" that inadvertently limit creative choices. Below is the new start and images of the "group paintings'" respective photos (they are single source paintings).

Monday, September 12, 2011

Group Paintings and Groups of Paintings

Here are a couple of updates for the group paintings. My Paw-Paw ended up getting painted out of the left side of the board-game painting. Everything seems to be darker and warmer, I am curious to see if they stay relatively flat or if some thicker paint will make it's way to the canvases.

board game, 12" x 12"

birthday cake, 16" x 20"
I have also been busy making more tiny-small paintings, aka the groups of paintings. Checkout the newest batch of tinys below.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crowd/huddle/Group Paintings

Recently I started setting aside photographs with groups of people clustered around each other, as opposed to lined up parallel to the photograph's edge. I love the way they create an intimate space and a sense of anticipation. So I decided to paint a couple of single source paintings. I also recently bought some NEW brushes with long handles that range from 1/2" -1 1/4", I think they are game changers. I am really loving the way they move the paint around. Below are the two paintings:

The top one is getting closer to being finished. I am always thankful when a hunch turns into a start. Here are a couple of links to the brushes:

Also I purchased a copy of Daivd Shevlino's DVD Painting Loosely. I think watching other painter's paint might be one of my favorite activities, outside of talking about painting, looking at paintings, and eating cheese. 

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