Saturday, February 11, 2017

Weekly Round-Up February 4th-10th

This week I am excited to announce that a particular shape of light from my front window has returned, after a long absence following the time change. I've only lived in my house for a year now, so I am learning the ins-and-outs of the light shifts. Below is the light, I'm interested in painting, and the painting as its been since November. I'm hoping to paint this weekend if the weather is sunny.


I also continued to work on my night window painting in the living room. Unfortunately, the lights are now blown out, so I need to go back and adjust my values. I have a little light of my easel, but I still end up over compensating because my palette is in the dark.

I also worked more on the fruit and dead bird painting, appropriating enough on my Dad's death anniversary. Below is where it started at the beginning of the session and where it ended up, the orange's leaves wilted far more than the grapefruits'.

And started a self-portrait.

I currently have one pupil!

Finally, to share inspiration this week. I listened again to James Bland's wonderful interview with Antrese Wood on her Savvy Painter Podcast. I love everything about the painting below, "Full Moon" has all the right moves in my opinion.

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