Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weekly Round-up February 11-17th

This week I managed a session with the light in my front hallway, mentioned last week. Below is a chronological tracking of this painting, which was started back in October. Sometime during Daylight Saving and Winter this light phenomenon disappeared, but it is back in full force between 7-9am right now.

I also continued work on the self-portrait started last week and started a charcoal drawing.

 Additionally, I started an new painting of the light coming into my studio window mid-morning. I am excited about the idea of painting over old paintings right now, but allowing some remnants to show through. I also did a small, 5" x7" study of my legs, feet and one hand. In acknowledgement that I could use some work on painting/drawing hands and feet, I am trying to do more studies that involve solving that problem from life.   

    Finally on Friday, I visited MOCA Jacksonville and the Cummer Musuem with my BA Portfolio class. It was a wonderful trip. The MOCA has a fantastic Rackstraw Downes painting, as seen below, the edges are really gorgeous. 

Here is the crew, stading in Nicola Lopez's installation A Gentle Defiance of Gravity and Form. 

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  1. Very unique artwork! I had also attended it. After this exhibition I had also attended yet another art gallery at the local event space in. That was also an incredible experience for me. If there are more such events, please let me know.