Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hooray for Cider Press Review

In other REALLY EXCITING of my paintings is going to be on the cover of Play Button, a book of poems written by my colleague at Flagler College, Liz Robbins. Liz's poetry is exemplary. I heard her read excerpts from her previous book of poems, Hope, As the World is a Scorpion Fish, and fell in love with her writing.  Liz's blog can be found here. Additionally, a link to a wonderful interview can be found here, and two poems can be read here.

To read the Cider Press Review link shown below click here. I am extremely excited to have my painting on the cover of Play Button.  

The cover painting, Beach Standoff, was created specifically after reading the manuscript for Play Button. I knew that I wanted to make a painting that captured the tension found in so many of Liz's poems. I hope the image does the work justice. Congrats to Liz Robbins, and a special thanks to her and Cider Press Review for including me in the process.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hooray for Folio Weekly!!!!!

Below is the article in this week's Folio Weekly. To read the article on Folio's website, click this link.
I would like to personally thank Dan Brown, the Arts and Entertainment Editor, for the writing such a thoughtful and considerate article. 

I would also like to thank Dan Brown for passing my name onto Cabeth Cornelius, who is curating an upcoming group show titled A Woman's World. That exhibit will feature the work of Louise Freshman Brown, Megan Cosby, Sara Pedigo (that's me!),  and Amy Vigilante. The exhibit will be at C gallery @ Daryl Bunn Studios in Jacksonville FL. The Opening Reception is on Thursday, November 17, 5-8pm and the show runs through January 2012. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

and then...

I made more. Lots of things are brewing. I have some new tiny-smalls and several 5" x 7" paintings that I tried to make a little more suggestive. This boils down to making PG13 versus PG...or PG versus G. Sometimes I worry about being too boring in this respect, but I also think wonderful things can come in accessible packages. Speaking of accessible, I was interviewed by Dan Brown the Arts and Entertainment Editor at Folio Weekly this weekend. The interview should come out in the Oct 25th issue. 

tiny-smalls 138-146

 5" x 7" PG paintings?

Sitting Roadside


Beach Standoff

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Plum Gallery Presents...

Starting this month and running through December, my work will be featured at
Plum Gallery.

I hung the show today and wanted to share a couple of the installation shots. The lights still have to be adjusted, I will post more from the opening this Friday. One thing I am really excited about with showing here, is that I will get to change out the work each month. Also, if any Tiny-Smalls sell, the buyer can take them at that it will be a good excuse to keep me painting. 

See you soon. Happy Painting!