Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekly Wrap-up

In the studio this week, I slowly crept closer to finishing two paintings and managed to start a new painting. Sometimes I think I am wasting too much time and being indecisive with allowing the works to be adjusted at an infinitesimal level...but I am also just painting on them until they seem done...and sometimes that takes longer than I would initially anticipate.

First is a window painting that takes place midday-to-late afternoon. Below is the very minor shift that happened this week: the right photo is where the painting is now, very minor changes on the right wall and window. I hope to adjust the interior/exterior relationships but it was very overcast so the painting session was slightly doomed from the start this week.

Here is that painting's history:

 last of the Summer Days
Finally, a shout-out to the painter Jan van der Kooi. This work is partially a reaction his exquisite paintings, as featured above, that endlessly record the same windows. 

The second painting I worked on is a surprise commission piece, so I will share photos of that painting once it is complete. So on to the newest painting started this week. It is a still life featuring a dead Gray Catbird, and orange and a grapefruit. The bird flew into a window several months ago. I won't deconstruct my thoughts behind the work at this point because they are still percolating.


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