Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crowd/huddle/Group Paintings

Recently I started setting aside photographs with groups of people clustered around each other, as opposed to lined up parallel to the photograph's edge. I love the way they create an intimate space and a sense of anticipation. So I decided to paint a couple of single source paintings. I also recently bought some NEW brushes with long handles that range from 1/2" -1 1/4", I think they are game changers. I am really loving the way they move the paint around. Below are the two paintings:

The top one is getting closer to being finished. I am always thankful when a hunch turns into a start. Here are a couple of links to the brushes:

Also I purchased a copy of Daivd Shevlino's DVD Painting Loosely. I think watching other painter's paint might be one of my favorite activities, outside of talking about painting, looking at paintings, and eating cheese. 

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  1. I thought that the time machine model was a good interface for unpacking your process if not a pinch oversimplified, but the story maker in me wants to run with it and say that the tiny smalls are almost like looking out of the high pressured glass port holes of the time machine from the safety of removal. The larger pieces, more ephemeral, are like finally stepping out of the machine and interacting with your construct through the fish eye of your climate controlled (temporally so) space suit. The vision shimmering in the atmosphere of otherness....Great talk, obviously still thinking about it 8 1/2 hours later.